Damian Priest outlasted the rest of the Men’s Money In The Bank Ladder participants to win the briefcase to challenge for a WWE World Championship at the time of his choosing.

Later in the match, every man got up the ladder as they scrambled for the briefcase. Then everyone was knocked down, leaving only Logan Paul and Ricochet. Suddenly, LA Knight knocked them over the top rope. That was followed by Ricochet hitting a sliced bread, sending them both through a table in a terrible spot that saw Logan Paul crash through the table face first.

LA Knight and Butch ended up on the top of the ladder. Then he broke LA Knight’s fingers, where Butch almost won by reaching the briefcase. Damian Priest climbed up to stop him, and sent Butch through a ladder. Suddenly, LA Knight sent Priest over the top rope, and after a bit of a skirmish, LA Knight made his way up the ladder and to pull down the Money in the Bank contract. Then Damian Priest hit a move off the top rope, and secured the briefcase. Damian Priest is the 2023 Mr. Money in the Bank.

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