An emotional Tommy Dreamer video package opens the show, looking back at his life and career in wrestling.

Tenille Dashwood is the first person out. XXXL follow. The lights go out as Decay make their entrance. Awesome looking entrance from Decay.

Tenille Dashwood and XXXL vs. Decay

Crazy Steve looks to start but Rosemary gets in first. Rosmary and Tenille go back and forth to start. Larry D and Crazy Steve tag in. Crazy Steve gets the upper hand and attacks the knee. The two big men tag in and Black Taurus and Decay force their opponent out of the ring. Ace Romero dominates Crazy Steve. XXXL wear down Crazy Steve. Big Elbow in the corner from Larry D. Tenille Dashwood stomps Steve in the corner. Romero tags in, Steve gets a few kicks to no avail. Steve rolls out of a corner splash and tags in Taurus. Taurus headbutts Romero Samoan Drops from Taurus.

Tenille plays will a red cape to enrage Taurus. Larry D does a big dive to the outside on Taurus. Taurus does a suicide dive on Larry D but seems to completely miss it. Crazy Steve does a crossbody from the top rope out to the floor. Romero feigns doing a dive to the outside but stops. Tenille does a sliding dropkick on Taurus. Romero picks up Tenille and powerbombs her over the top rope onto all of Decay. Tenille seems to have injured her elbow.

Romero throws Decay into the ring. Rosmary green mists Romero, Taurus does a huge powerbomb slam in the middle of the rings to get the victory.

Decay win.

Matt Striker and D-Lo Brown run down tonight’s card.

Video package of Brian Myer’s and Eddie Edwards’ history, with the genesis of their feud with Hernandez and Matt Cardona as a partner for each. Matt Cardona makes his entrance first. Eddie Edwards comes out next. Brian Myers and Hernandez make their entrance together.

Eddie Edwards and Matt Cardona vs. Brian Myers and Hernandez

Myers and Edwards start the match. Lock up to start, back and forth submissions. Armdrag into armbar from Edwards. Cardona tags in. Myers tags out to Hernandez. Hernandez powers Matt down, Matt hits a big dropkick. Edwards tags in, Cardona and Edwards try a double team move but Harnandez clothelines both of them. Myers picks the bones.

Belly to Belly suplex from Edwards. Hernandez blind tags and sneak attack Edwards on the outside. Edwards gets throw back into the ring, bearhug from Hernandez. Myers tags in and attacks the ribs of Edwards. Big suplex for a two count for Myers. Jawbreaker from Edwards but Myers cuts him off. Myers tries to pull off the turnbuckle but fails, Hernandez rips it off easily. Myers tags back in, stomps on Edwards in the corner.

Headlock from Myers. Myers goes to the exposed turnbuckle but Edwards stops it, back body drop from Edwards. Hernandez cuts off the hot tag. Myers tags back in and goes back to the injured ribs. two count from Myers. Quick tag back to Hernandez, tackles to the gut in the corner, Hernandez knocks Cardona off the apron. Edwards fights back and gets Hernandez on the top rope. Superplex from Edwards on Hernandez. Both crawls to their partners Matt finally tags in and runs wild! Drop kicks, big boot in the corner for a two count. Sit out slam from Myers. Myers goes up to the top rope but Edwards cuts him off. Edwards throws Hernandez out of the ring and goes for a suicide dive but gets caught by Hernandez. Cardona gets a near fall of a frankestiener. Edwards clotheslines Hernandez out of the ring and suicdide dives him on the outside.

Myers flapjacks Cardona into the exposed turnbuckle and gets the three count after hitting his finisher.

Brian Myers and Hernandez win.

Backstage promo from Private Party and Matt Hardy. Matt says the other teams have been stealing from them and tonight they will become the Impact tag champions and they will become the second greatest tag team of all time.

Violent by Design make their entrance after a cool video package of this Deaner vs Jake Something feud. Jake Something makes his entrance next.

Deaner vs. Jake Something

Erix Young psyches up Deaner on the outside. Deaner looks intense but gets throw stright back out of the ring by Jake. Lock up and Deaner powers Jake into the corner. Jake throws big hands in the corner. Jake hits a huge thez press, Deaner rolls to the outside to talk to Eric Young. Deaner gets back in the ring and throws big hands on Jake. Jake overpowers him and clotheslines him to the mat.

Young hits a neckbreaker on the floor to Jake and throws him back in the ring. Deaner takes the advantage and hits knee to the back of Jake. Forearms to the face of Jake in the ropes. Deaner bites Jake. Stomps in the corner from Deaner. Deaner throws punches to Jake. Jakes throws Deaner into the corner. Deaner hits a jumping uppercut from the middle rope.

Deaner has the advantage and cranks the neck of Jake. Jake powers out but gets throw out of the ring. Deaner attacks Jake while he is distracted by Young. Deaner with a front face lock but Jakes powers out of it. Deaner attacks the neck on the corner with a drop kick. Deaners shouts this is your fault as he rubs his forearm into Jakes face. Headbutt from Deaner and Jakes catches him in a back body drop. Both men struggle to get to their feet and Jakes quickens the pace with some clothelines and a sit out slam, Deaner rolls out but Jakes hits a spear in the corner. Two count.

Jake goes for a blackhole slam but Deaner hits a neck breaker. Deaner goes to the top but gets punched by Jake. Both men go to the top and Jakes goes for a Superplex to the floor but Deaner fights out. Deaner hits a knee to the midsection and a sit out powerbomb for a two count. Jakes hits some big elbows and suicde ives Violent by Deisgn on the out side. Jake hits a blackhole slam for a three count but gets immediately attacked by Eric Young.

Jakes Something wins.

Eric gets a table and sets it up in the middle of the ring. Violent by Design hit a powerbomb from the top rope through the table on Jake Something.

Trey Miguel makes his entrance. Blake Christian comes out next. Suicide next to fill out the first three members of this match.

Triple Threat Revolver Match: Daivari vs. Suicide vs. Willie Mack vs. Ace Austin vs. Chris Bey vs. Josh Alexander vs. Trey Miguel vs. Blake Christian

Miguel, Christian and Suicide start the match. Quick start, double dropkick from Miguel and Christian. Miguel and Christian try to double team Suicide but he fights out. huricanrana from Christian. head scissors to Suicide. Miguel his a cutter on Christian, spin kick to Suicide, Suicide with a lionsault to Miguel. Christian hits an enziguri on Suicide and a big dive to the outside on Miguel. Suide then suide dives on Christian. Christian thrown back into the ring by Suicide. Christian goes form a superplex but Suicide throws him down and hits a swanton. Miguel locks in a heelhook to tap out Suicide.

Suicide eliminated.

Chris Bey is the next entrant. Miguel goes for a quick submission on Bey but he fights out. bey hits big elbows in the corner to both men. Bey runs wild on both men. Christian hits a double hurricanrana on both men. Miguel gets thrown out of the ring and Christian dives outside to get him, misses but hits a standing C4 on Miguel on the outside. Christina goes for a springboard 450 but Bey gets the knees up. Bey hits a vertibreaker to eliminate Christian.

Blake Christian eliminated.

Daivari is the next entrant. Gets immediately attacked by Bey but Daivari overpowers him. Clotheslines to the corner by Daivari, big back body drop by Daivari for a two count. chops in the cornerBelly to belly from DAivari and cockliy does pushup, Miguel gets a suprise pin on Daivari for a three count.

Daivari eliminated.

Josh Alexander is the next entrant. Bey attacks Alexander but he overpowers both men. Miguel gets a sleeper on Alexander, alexander tries to fight out but Alexander suplexes both men while in the sleeper. Chops in the corner. Alexander is dominating. Beys hits a jumping enziguri on Alexander. Beys goes for another vertibreaker but Alexander powers out. Alexander catches him off a springboard and hits a torture rack into a powerbomb. Alexander locks in an Ankle lock to tap out Bey.

Chris Bey eliminated.

Willie Mack is the next entrant. Mack runs wild, hits a Samoan drop on both men. Mack hits a double standing moonsault in the middle of the ring for a two count. Miguel hits an elbow in Mack, Punches in the corner from Miguel, Alexander knocks down both men with uppercuts. Alexander goes of a superplex and Mack gets underneath him for a powerbomb. Mack takes the advantage. Alexander hits punches in the corner on Mack hits a DDT on Alexander. Miguel hits a Meteora on Willie Mack for a three count.

Willie Mack eliminated.

Ace Austin is the next entrant. He runs wild on both men but Miguel and Alexander double team Austin in the corner. Alexander hits a german suplex on Miguel. Austin hits a side slam on Miguel Alexander overpowers Austin, Austin uses hits speed to escape. Miguel matrix dodges Alexander and hits a poisonrana and a rope assisted cutter but Austin breaks up the three count. Miguel and Austin go back and forth punches, Austin gets the upper hand and Miguel dives to the floor to hit Alexander, Austin htis a fozbry flop to Miguel.

Back in the ring, Austin and Miguel go back and forth. Chops to the corner from Austin.Miguel tries to powerbomb Austin but he fights out and Miguel hits a cheeky nandos kick. Miguel gets a near fall on Austin.Miguel goes to the top, Alexander picks up Austin and Miguel at the same time and hits a Samoan drop to both. Big Boot to Miguel and a ankle lock but Austin fights out. Alexander hits a powerbomb to the knee on Austin. Double under hook fate alexander for the win.

Josh Alexander wins.

Video package for the Knockout Tag titles. Havoc and Nevaeh make their entrance. Fire N Flava come out next.

Impact Knockouts Tag Team Championships: Fire N Flava (c) vs. Havok and Nevaeh

Tornado rules as all four women fight at the same time. Havoc and Hogan fight in the ring with Hogan getting dominated. Havoc goes for a Samoan drop but Hogan fights out, Havoc hit will hip attack in the corner. Nevaeh and Steelz take centre stage. double team moves from Fire and Flava on Nevaeh. Havoc cuts them off and knocks them both down. Havoc with punches in the corner to Steelz. Fire and Flava hit double dropkicks in the corner. Big clotheslines from Havoc and a sideslam into the knee, clotheline from Nevaeh. Havoc gets a chair and sets it up in the corner.

Havoc throws Hogan into the corner but she misses the chair. Havoc and Nevaeh double team Steelz. two count of Steelz, Hogan gets a kendo stick and starts swinging on Havoc. Two count after lots of shots from a kendo stick. Steelz gets the kendo stick but misses Nevaeh. Neveah handles business on her own against both of Fire and Flava. Two count on Neveah, and again and again but Havoc pulls them both off of Neveah and dominates both women. Hogan hits a flurry of kicks on Havoc to get her to the mat. Steelz hits a codebreaker on Nevaeh but gets attacked by Havoc while she was celebrating. Fiore and Flava go for a double suplex but Havoc reverse and hits both women with a suplex at the same time.

Havoc dominates both women, throws them both to the corner and misses a big splash right into the chair. Steelz hits a cutter on Neveah for the three count.

Fire N Flava win.

Havoc and Neaveah look frustrated in the middle of the ring. They leave separately.

Rich Swann interviewed backstage. Swann says its a big match tonight. Says Impact will suspend Moose if he gets involved tonight. Says Dreamer got lit, and Swann gave him a gift when he gave him this match and will give him another gift by knocking his teeth out.

Video package for the X Division title. Raju makes his entrance first, with Shera. TJP comes out next. Raju dives on TJP before the bell. body slam on the apron. Raju goes for a pin in the middle of the ring but the match hasn’t started yet. Raju continues the attack on the outside. TJP gets up and dropkicks Raju into Shera, TJP dives onto both men. TJP throws Raju over the barricade. and flip dives onto Raju. TJP gets thrown into the barricade. Suplex on the ramp from Raju.

Back in the ring, the bell rings.

Impact X Division ChampionshipTJP (c) vs. Rohit Raju

TJP takes out the lower body on Raju. TJP hits punches in the corner on Raju. Raju hits a northern lights suplex for a two count. Shera takes a cheap shot on TJP when the referees back is turned. Raju shouts into the camera and kicks TJP. TJP hits the 3 amigos on Raju Raju counters into a chinlock. TJ fights up and hits punches to the gut, Raju overpowers hit and gets a two count. TJP gets thrown to the outside and gets choked by Shera.

Raju stomps on the hand and forearms to the face. TJP gets a boot up in the corner buts its no enough to get the advantage. Raju is starting to look frustrated. Raju attacks the arm of TJP. Bites the arm of TJP. Knee to the gut. Raju works the arm. TJP fights back with an atomic drop but Raju gets a forearm. TJP gets a Boston crab on the top rope, forced to break at 5. TJP misses a frogsplash. Raju hits a spinning forearm. Running forarm and a running kick from Raju, tilt a whirl slam from Raju.

Raju goes to the top but TJP catches hit and hits a superplex and hits as I lay me down to sleep for a two count. TJP goes to the top and goes for a frogsplash but gets caught in a triangle. TJP counters into a kneebar. Raju counters into a crossface. TJP gets to the ropes but Raju rolls back to the middle. Raju hits a double stomp and gets a two count. Raju mistakenly knees Shera, TJP hits a flying DDt and a frogslpah for the three count.

TJP wins.

TJP celebrates in the ring while Raju is frustrated on the outside.

Dreamer interviewed backstage. says he is flooded with emotion. Says his dad took him to his first match when he was 10 years old. Dreamers says he wants people to see a great moment. Says he still wants to do so much and wants to give the fans one last Tommy Dreamer moment.

Deonna Purrazzo, Kimber Lee, and Susan make their entrance together. Jordynne Grace comes out next. Jazz comes out wearing a mask. ODB is last out as she joins her teammates on the ramp.

Deonna Purrazzo, Kimber Lee, and Susan vs. Jordynne Grace, Jazz, and ODB

ODB and Lee start the match. Lee hits a jawbreaker, ODB hits a shoulderblock and tags in Grace. Susan tags in. Graces grabs a wristlock. Susan goes for a headlock but Grace throws her to the corner. Suplex from Grace for a two count. Susan tags in Purrazzo, Jazz tags in. Jazz hits some punches on Purrazzo. Jazz tags in Grace who hits a suicide dive on the other team. ODB also hits a dive and Jazz dives from the top rope on all the opponents. Grace gets a two count of Purrazzo. Purrazzo goes for the armbar but grace fights out.

Purrazzo hits divorce count on Grace. Lee goes for a lotus lock on Grace. Two count on Lee. Lee switches the hold to a vice and tags in Susan. Punches in the corner from Susan who tags in Purrazzo. Short arm Clothesline for a two count. Lee tags in. doubles teams with Purrazzo. Graces fights out ans hits a slam on Purrazzo. Graces crawls for the tag and tags in ODB. ODB runs wild on susonODB rips off Susan’s sleeves. ODB hits dirty dozen on Susan, then a big thez press. Lee and Purrazzo break up the pin. match breaks down as all wrestlers enter the ring. Thez press from ODB. Jazz becomes legal, left hand jabs from Jazz, Susan rakes the eye, Lee swanton on the outside, Susan rolls up Jazz but Jazz reverse into an STF, Susan taps out.

Jordynne Grace, Jazz, and ODB win.

Video package for the Impact tag titles. James Storm enters first. Chris Sabin joins his partner in the ring. Matt Hardy comes out next joined by Private Party. Good Brothers music plays to bring them out.

Impact World Tag Team ChampionshipsThe Good Brothers (c) vs. Private Party vs. Chris Sabin and James Storm

James Storm and Marc Quen start. Locks up in the corner, Strom shouts in Quen’s face. Quen goes for a headlock but gets thrown to the ropes, shoulder block and hip toss from Storm. Cassidy tags in but Storm dominates and tags in Sabin. Private Party regroup with Hardy. Quen chops Sabin in the corner. Sabin sunset flips Quen for a two count. Quen rolls through and exchange near falls double dropkick and face off Sabin goes for a handshake. but Quen hits low. big hurcanrana from Private Party. Headlock from Quen, grinding Sabin down. Sabin tries to fight out but Quen attacks Storm. Sabin rolls through but Anderson tags in. Cassiidy tags in and Private Praty hit some nice double team moves. Private Party attack the arm of Anderson but Gallows tags in with some big shots to the body.

Huge kick from Gallows. Gallows stands on Quen and throws up the too sweet. Anderson. Anderson works the arms of Quen, shots to the gut to fight out to no avail. Gallows tags in and dominates Quen. Snap suplex and leg drop from Gallows, nearfall gets broken up by Cassidy. Headbutt from Gallows. Quick tags from the Good Brother, big elbow from Gallows for a two count.

Anderson works the arm of Quen as he reaches for a tag. Anderson knocks Cassidy off the apron preventing the tag. Strom tags in and runs wild of the Good Brothers. Sabin tags in and hit double team moves on Anderson and Gallows. Matt Hardy barks orders to Private Party. Cassidy and Quen goes for a double clothesline but Sabin fights out. Standing Moonsault on knees from Private Party. Flurry of double team moves from Private Party for a near fall. James Storm is in the Private Party corner but Anderson and Gallows breaks it up buy attacking Private Party. Big DDT on Gallows. Huge spinebuster on Sabin by Anderson.

Storm hits a eye of the storm on Quen, two count. Gallows gets a chair. Referre is distracted and Hardy hits a Twist of fate on Storm. Quen hits a shooting star press on Storm, Anderson throws out Quen and steals the pin.

Good Brothers win.

Hardy shouts at Private Party at ringside.

Video package for Dreamer vs Swann. Tommy Dreamer makes his entrance. Rich Swann comes out next.

Impact World Championship: Rich Swann (c) vs. Tommy Dreamer

Handshake to start, the two lock up and Swann goes to the top. They circle the ring and Rich takes the waist. Dream gets Swann to the mat and they go back and forth. Test of strength with a knucklelock, Dreamer gets a leg scissor and misses an enziguri. Swann goes for a kick and misses. Both men evenly matched.

Dreamer gets the headlock and a shoulderblock. Dream catches Swann and hits a fall away slam. Swann goes to the outside. Swann hits a flip dive from the apron to the floor on Dreamer. Dreamer hits a death valley Driver on the floor. Dreamer looks to have dislocated his finger. Referee throws up the X symbol and a doctor comes down. Dreamer goes back into the ring and pops the finger back in place.

Swann gets a shot to the gut and Dreamer hits a twisting neck breaker in the ropes. Swann attacks the injured fingers. Swann stomps on the hand. Swann bends back the injured fingers, but Dreamer gets to the ropes. Swann goes for knees in the corner but Dreamer powers out and attacks the knee. Dreamer hits a reverse DDT. Dreamer locks in a Texas Cloverleaf. Swann gets to the ropes. Back and forth punches in the middle of the ring, Dreamer tackles Swann out of the ring.

Dreamer goes for a piledriver on the floor but Swann hits a back kick and then a cutter on the floor. Back in the ring, both men get to the top rope. Dream hits a superplex, Swann rolls Dreamer up for a near fall. Dream goes for a slingshot but Swann catches himself on the ropes, dives off and Dreamer hits a cutter. Two count.

Dream goes for a death valley driver, Swann climbs out and they both go for pin falls. Swann locks in an armbar and attacks the injured fingers. Swann hits a kick to the knee and then a kick to the face. Another kick to the face. Swann says hes sorry and goes for another kick but Dreamer reverse into a crucifix pin for a two count. Swann hits a quick kick for another near fall. Swann goes to the top and misses a frog splash, Swann locks in rings of Saturn but Dreamer powers out. Dreamer stand up and hits a death valley driver for a two count.

Swann kicks Dreamer in the face, then another. Swann goes to the top, hits a phoenix splash for the three count.

Rich Swann wins.

Dreamer picks up the belt and hands it to Swann with a handshake.

Moose attacks Swann and Dreamer from behind. Moose attacks Swann’s knee. Moose stomps on Dreamer and hits a spear. Moose gets a chair and continues to attack Swann’s knee.

No Surrender ends as Moose holds up the Impact World Championship.


Credit: Martin Dickinson / Ringside News