WWE WrestleMania 39 Night 2
April 2, 2023
SoFi Stadium
Inglewood, CA


Official WrestleMania 39 Night 2 Card:

  • Undisputed WWE Universal Championship: Roman Reigns (c) vs. Cody Rhodes
  • Raw Women’s Championship: Bianca Belair (c) vs. Asuka
  • Intercontinental Championship: Gunther (c) vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Sheamus
  • Hell in a Cell: Edge vs. Finn Balor
  • Brock Lesnar vs. Omos
  • Liv Morgan & Raquel Rodriguez vs. Ronda Rousey & Shayna Baszler vs. Natalya & Shotzi vs. Chelsea Green & Sonya Deville

Brock Lesnar vs. Omos w/MVP

Lesnar tries a double leg as soon as the bell rings. Omos tosses Lesnar clear across the ring. Lesnar tries a suplex, but Omos shrugs him off. Omos slams Lesnar over and over again. Bear hug by Omos. Omos lets Lesnar go and lays in a few kidney shots. Omos goes back to the bear hug. Chokeslam by Omos.

Lesnar dodges Omos in the corner. German suplex by Lesnar. Lesnar lands two more German suplexes. Lesnar tries an F5, but he can’t get Omos up. Omos tries another chokeslam, but Lesnar escapes and hits an F5 for the win.

Winner- Brock Lesnar

WrestleMania Showcase Match: Raquel Rodriguez and Liv Morgan vs. Natalya and Shotzi vs. Chelsea Green and Sonya Deville vs. Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler

As soon as the bell rings, Deville charges Morgan. Morgan moves and hits a codebreaker. Deville lands a nasty knee. Rodriguez tags in and tries to powerbomb Natalya, but Natalya turns it into a rana. Green gets tagged in and tries a dropkick off the top. Rodriguez shrugs it off. Rodriguez, Morgan, and Natalya triple powerbomb Baszler and beg Rousey to get in the ring. Shotzi catches Deville and Green with a cross body off the top. Natalya holds the rope open so Shotzi can land a suicide dive.

Green ops to dive out of the ring to avoid locking up with Rodriguez. Natalya puts Deville and Green in the Sharpshooter at the same time. Morgan breaks up the pin with a flying knee off the top. Morgan lands Oblivion on Shotzi. Baszler breaks up the pin, but she only has one shoe, and her ankle is tapped. Rousey tags herself in and puts Shotzi in the arm bar. Shotzi taps.

Winners- Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler

Bobby Lashley walks out onstage and celebrates= his Andre the Giant Battle Royal victory.

Intercontinental Championship Match: Gunther (c) vs. Sheamus vs. Drew McIntyre

After the bell rings, all three men stare each other down. Gunther tells Sheamus, and McIntyre to fight each other while he waits. McIntyre drops Gunther with a big boot. Sheamus and McIntyre trade strikes as Gunther rolls out of the ring. Clothesline by McIntyre. Sheamus responds with an Irish curse backbreaker. Sheamus tries to set up the ten beats, but Gunther breaks it up with a thunderous chop. Gunther knocks McIntyre off the apron with a chop.

Sheamus lands a pendulum chop to Sheamus. McIntyre gets on the apron. Gunther sends McIntyre into the ring post. Gunther obliterates Sheamus with a chop. Boston crab by Gunther. McIntyre tries to break it up with a boot, but Gunther shrugs it off. McIntyre and Gunther exchange chop after chop. Sheamus attacks Gunther from behind. All three men trade strikes. Sheamus lands the ten beats as McIntyre chops Gunther at the same time. Gunther collapses. McIntyre chops Sheamus off the apron.

Sheamus manages to trap McIntyre against the ropes and hits the… err… 38 beats of the Bodhran? Gunther catches Sheamus with a German suplex. Nasty lariat by Gunther. Sheamus kicks out. McIntyre dives off the top and clotheslines Gunther. McIntyre suplexes Sheamus into Gunther. Gunther is out. McIntyre tries the Claymore, but Gunther moves out of the way. Powerbomb but Gunther. McIntyre kicks out. Gunther goes up top. Sheamus cuts him off with a few chops.

Avalanche white noise by Sheamus. Sheamus hits the Celtic Cross. Gunther kicks out at 2.9. Sheamus is incredulous. Sheamus traps Gunther in the cloverleaf. Gunther gets to the ropes, but there are no rope breaks in a triple-threat match… (since when?). McIntyre breaks it up with a sleep ion Sheamus. Sheamus drops McIntyre with a knee strike. Gunther gets to his feet and eats a knee from Sheamus as well. Brogue Kick by Sheamus. McIntyre pulls Sheamus out of the ring to stop the count. Sheamus glares at McIntyre.

McIntyre and Sheamus trade strikes. McIntyre flattens Sheamus with a dive. The crowd goes nuts. McIntyre sends Sheamus back into the ring for the Claymore. Sheamus counters with a Brogue Kick. McIntyre kicks out! McIntyre drops Sheamus with a Claymore. Sheamus kicks out! McIntyre and Sheamus trade strikes. Sheamus lands another Brogue Kick. Sheamus crawls to McIntyre for a pin. Gunther breaks it up with a splash off the top! Gunther Powerbombs Sheamus on top of McIntyre. Before McIntyre can react. Gunther picks him up and powerbombs him as well. Gunther puns McIntyre.

Winner and STILL Intercontinental Champion, Gunther!

Raw Women’s Championship Match: Bianca Belair (c) vs. Asuka

Belair sends Asuka into the corner. Corner ten punches. Asuka lands a spinning back fist that staggers Belair. Asuka follows that with a flurry of strikes. Belair cuts Asuka off as she mounts the top rope. Asuka slips out and tries a German suplex off the top. Belair does a backflip and lands on her feet. Nasty spinebuster by Belair. Asuka kicks out. Flying triangle by Asuka. Belair tries to fight out of it but Asuka transition into the Asuka Lock. Belair rolls out of the ring.

Asuka counters a suplex into armbar. Belair turns that into a last-ride-style powerbomb out on the floor. Asuka kicks out. Belair charges in the corner. Asuka sidesteps. Belair’s shoulder slams into the ring post. Belair tries a handspring, but Asuka reverses it into the ankle lock. Belair rolls Asuka into the corner. Asuka pops up top and lands a missile dropkick. Both women trade strikes on the apron. Asuka dropkicks Belair into the ring post.

Asuka tries to suplex Belair out of the ring. Belair puts on the brakes and sends Asuka into the ring post. Belair deadlifts Asuka off the apron into the ring for a suplex. Asuka kicks out. Belair and Asuka trade pin attempts. Asuka kicks Belair in the head for another near fall. Belair surprises Asuka with a running blockbuster, followed by a handspring moonsault. Asuka kicks out yet again. Pop-up knee by Asuka. Belair bounces off the ropes and hits a Dawkins-esq shoulder tackle. Belair goes up top. Asuka cuts her off.

Belair and Asuka fight up top. Asuka uses Belair’s braid to land a lungblower. Belair kicks out. Asuka tries a hip attack, but Belair catches her, and Glam slams her into the top rope. Belair screams for Asuka to get up and fight her. Belair tries the KOD. Asuka escapes and spits the mist but Belair ducks. Asuka rolls Belair into an armbar. Belair lifts Asuka up and hits a KOD for the win.

Winner and STILL Raw Women’s Champion, Bianca Belair!

In-Ring Segment: The Miz and Snoop Dogg

Miz complains about Snoop putting him in a match last night. Snoop asks if Miz wants to do it again. Miz says no. Snoop says my bad. Miz says that’s not good enough. This is his WrestleMania. Snoop says, nah, this is our WrestleMania. And when he said, my bad, he didn’t mean “my bad,” he meant my baaaad. Snoop points to the stage. Shane McMahon’s music hits. Shane dances his way to the ring. Snoop tells Miz he’s in trouble. Shane says that reception meant a lot to him, and he says, “what’s up LA?”.

The Miz vs. Shane McMahon

Shane lands a few strikes. Miz and Shane do a tackle/drop-down spot, but Shane’s knee buckles. Shane is hurt. Snoop gets in the ring and decks Miz. Miz gets up, and Snoop decks him again. Snoop hits the… um… people’s elbow? Snoop pins, Miz. I Hope Shane is ok.

Winner- Snoop Dogg

Hell in a Cell Match: Edge vs. “The Demon” Finn Bálor

Edge punches Bálor. Bálor shrugs it off and lands a strike of his own. Bálor and Edge circle each other. both men roll out of the ring and pull weapons from under the ring. Edge hits Bálor with a steel chair. Bálor shrugs that off and hits Edge with a kendo stick. Edge falls out of the ring. Bálor follows and sends Edge into the cell. Edge knocks Bálor off the apron. Bálor gets sent flying into the cell. Edge traps Bálor against the cell using two kendo sticks. Edge dives off the apron and dropkicks Bálor against the cafe. Bálor felt that one…

Edge pulls a purple table from under the ring. Bálor breaks himself free and unloads in Edge with rights and lefts. Bálor launches Edge into the ring steps. Edge REALLY felt that one. Bálor works over Edge against the cell. Implant DDT by Edge. Bálor gets to his feet and dropkicks Edge out of the ring. Bálor sends Edge crashing through a table with a Woo dropkick. Edge looks to be out. Bálor tosses a few chairs at Edge. Bálor sends Edge into the ring. Unpretter by Edge. Bálor kicks out.

Edge pulls a ladder from under the ring. Edge tosses the ladder into Bálor’s face. Bálor starts to stir as Edge sets the ladder up in the corner. The referee tells Edge to go to the corner as the medical personal check on Bálor. Bálor has been busted open. Edge uses this time to go under the ring and grab more weapons. Bálor fires up and lands a sling blade. Bálor misses his double stomp off the top. Woo dropkick by Bálor. Bálor lands the Coup de Grâce. Edge kicks out.

Bálor climbs the ladder Edge set up. Edge hits Bálor with a kendo stick. Edge hits an implant DDT off the ladder. Bálor somehow manages to kick out. Edge brings another table into the ring. Edge sets up a table in the ring. Bálor hits him with a kendo stick over and over again. Bálor lays Edge on the table and hits him with a chair. Edge isn’t moving. Bálor climbs the cell and dives off for a Coup de Grâce. Edge moves out of the way, and Bálor crashes through the table. Spear by Edge. Bálor kicks out. Edge hits Bálor with a chair multiple times. Edge conchairtos Bálor. This is over. Edge pins Bálor.

Winner- Edge

Undisputed WWE Universal Championship Match: Roman Reigns (c) w/Paul Heyman and Solo Sikoa vs. Cody Rhodes

The crowd chants for Rhodes. Reigns waves to the crowd to calm down. Heyman hands Reigns a mic. Reigns tells WrestleMania to acknowledge him. After a lockup, Reigns retreats to the ropes to break Rhodes’ hammerlock. Side headlock by Rhodes. Reigns tries to escape, but Rhodes holds one. Reigns sends Rhodes into the ropes. Rhodes catches Reigns with a drop-down uppercut. Reigns rolls out of the ring and confers with Heyman. Heyman gives Reigns a pep talk. Reigns gets back in the ring and eat a dropkick from Rhodes.

Rhodes tries a disaster kick, but Reigns plucks him out of the air and powerbomb him. Rhodes kicks out. Reigns works over Rhodes. Reigns sends Rhodes out of the ring. Rhodes skins the cat and pulls himself back into the ring. Rhodes sends Reigns over the top rope. Reigns trips Rhodes on the apron. Reigns bodyslams Rhodes on the ramp. Rhodes counters Reigns’ second body slam attempt with one of his own. Rhodes and Reigns trade punches as they fight all over the outside area.

Reigns distracts the referee as Sikoa hits Rhodes in the ribs with a steel chair. Drive-by by Reigns. Reigns continues his assault on Rhodes, working a cravat. Rhodes tries to fire up, but as he hits the ropes, Sikoa hooks his leg. Rhodes turns around and gets turned inside out by a lariat from Reigns. Reigns works over Rhodes’ injured ribs. Reigns sends Rhodes out of the ring. As Rhodes writhes in pain out on the floor, Reigns clears off both announce desks.

Reigns tries to powerbomb Rhodes off of one table through another. Rhodes counters with a back body drop that sends Reigns through the other announce desk. Reigns runs into a Cody cutter. Reigns kicks out at 2.9. Suicide dive by Rhodes. As Rhodes gets back in the ring, Sikoa hits him with the weight belt Rhodes gave to Brody Lee’s son in the crowd. The referee heard the shot and ejected Sikoa from ringside. Reigns tries to bring the weight belt into the ring, but the referee argues with him not to.

Reigns turns around and gets superkicked by Rhodes. Rhodes hits Cross Rhodes. Reigns kicks out! Reigns sends Rhodes over the top, but he skins the cat again. As Rhodes tries to flip back in the ring, Reigns catches Rhodes and hits a uranage. Rhodes kicks out. Reigns tries the Superman Punch, but Rhodes reverses it into the Pedigree. Reigns kicks out again! Rhodes tries a disaster kick, but Reigns counters with a Superman Punch. Rhodes kicks out!

Reigns tries a Spear, but Rhodes reverses it into a sunset flip. Reigns kicks out. Rhodes turns it into a Figure Four. Reigns reverses the hold. Rhodes gets to the ropes for the break. Rhodes rolls out to the apron. Reigns and Rhodes trade strikes. Rhodes stuns Reigns on the top rope. Rhodes misses a dive but lands on his feet. Reigns destroys Rhodes with a Spear. Rhodes kicks out! Reigns ground and pounds Rhodes. Reigns says it’s over. Guillotine by Reigns. Rhodes starts to fade.

Rhodes fires up, but Reigns drops down. Rhodes breaks the hold and unloads on Reigns with right hands. Reigns gets to his feet. Rhodes accidentally hits the referee. Rhodes floors Reigns with a clothesline. Reigns starts to stir. Rhodes picks up Reigns for the Cross Rhodes. The Usos hit the ring and double superkick. The Usos drop Rhodes with the 1D. Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn hit the ring and attack the Usos.

Owens drops Reigns with a Stunner. Zayn Helluva Kicks Reigns. The Usos and Owens, and Zayn fight to the back. Rhodes crawls in for the cover as the referee starts to stir. Reigns kicks out. Reigns and Rhodes trade strikes. Rhodes counters a Superman Punch with the Dusty punches, followed by a bionic elbow. Rhodes hits two Cross Rhodes in a row. Heyman hops up on the apron to distract the referee. Sikoa hops the barricade, and Samoan Spikes Rhodes. Reigns Spears Rhodes for the win!

Winner and STILL Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, Roman Reigns!

With the win, Reigns’ reign as the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, which stood at 945 days ahead of the show, continued.

(H/T Lovell Porter)

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