Brock Lesnar has just turned heel again.

During the ring introductions for the main event, Lesnar attacked Cody Rhodes with multiple F-5s. Lesnar and Rhodes were supposed to challenge Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa, but the match never got started because of the attack and Reigns and Sikoa simply left the ringside area.

Lesnar continued the attack at ringside by attacking Rhodes’ damaged ribs and suplexing him over the barricade near the announcer’s area. Lesnar then nailed Rhodes with a chair shot to the body, followed by a shot to the body with the steel steps.

Lesnar continued the attack by F-5’ing Rhodes onto the announcer’s table and then again onto steel steps that were set up in the middle of the ring. Corey Graves pointed out that Rhodes had to have suffered serious damage on the ribs from this attack. Lesnar teased leaving the ringside area but he went back in to hit Rhodes with more chairshots to the body as officials pleaded for the attack to stop. The show ended with Lesnar on the entranceway giving two middle fingers.

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