Former AEW TNT Champion Darby Allin is known for his high-risk move set in the ring, but he is a daredevil outside the ring as well. Allin is known to skateboard around and test fate, and that didn’t work out too well for him in NYC, reportedly.

During AEW Rampage this week, Darby Allin came out to face Lee Moriarty. On his way to the ring, Jim Ross revealed on commentary that something fascinating and dangerous happened to Allin on Thursday.

It was revealed that Darby Allin was hit by a car in New York City on Thursday. He was apparently skateboarding at the time. Allin suffered road rash, and he was pretty banged up, but AEW’s doctors cleared him to compete.

They kept bringing up the fact that Darby Allin was hit by a car throughout his match. Obviously, this was something they really wanted to drive home. We have no video footage of this incident to prove its authenticity.

Darby Allin moved a bit slower than usual in his match against Lee Moriarty. The fact that Big Bill was around to rough him up didn’t help matters. This incident could have been more serious and fans are happy that Darby was not put out of action.

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(H/T Felix Upton)