Former ECW World Champion Sabu was scheduled to appear at the Squared Circle Expo in Indianapolis this weekend.

Squared Circle Expo recently released a statement on their Facebook, noting that Sabu has been taken to the hospital due to a “serious medical emergency.” It’s unclear what the medical issue is. The following statement was issued:

“ATTN: Due to having a serious medical emergency while on the show floor, Sabu will not be appearing for the remainder of the Expo. He is currently in route to a local medical facility.

All pro photo op for the ECW pillars pro op and Sabu/RVD pro op will be refunded CASH IN HAND at the pro photo op at their scheduled times.

Our thoughts are with Sabu and all of his ECW colleagues at this time as we await for some hopefully positive news on his status.

Thank you for understanding.”

Sabu earned the respect of many fans for putting his body on the line in his wrestling matches, which also earned him a reputation for being a legendary hardcore wrestler.

He was also innovative during his pro wrestling career in the things that he could do inside of the squared circle, such as using chairs to leap his way to the top rope and hitting a springboard move out of the ring.

He first found success after starting in the business in the late 1980s, where he would later go to ECW, becoming a top star there. This is where he started to do innovative moves with chairs, tables, and other weapons. Sabu also had runs in WWE, WCW, and TNA Wrestling.

Sabu took to social media later in the afternoon to give an update on his condition.

Wrestling Radar sends Sabu our best wishes and a speed recovery.

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(H/T Andrew Ravens)