The WWE Championship match between champion Drew McIntyre and Goldberg kicked off the main card for this year’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view.

McIntyre started the match with a headbutt and a spear, but Goldberg was able to spear McIntyre through the barricade at ringside. McIntyre favored his ribs as he got into the ring and that is when the match was officially started by the referee.

Goldberg charged, but McIntyre hit a boot and a Claymore into a pin attempt that Goldberg kicked out of. McIntyre tried another Claymore, but Goldberg moved and then he hit two consecutive spears into a pin attempt. Goldberg then hit the Jackhammer into a pin, but McIntyre kicked out. Goldberg went for another spear, but McIntyre moved and then he hit another Claymore. McIntyre pinned Goldberg to retain his title.

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Credit: Paul Davis