After taking over the wrestling world by storm on Saturday with their successful Double or Nothing event in Las Vegas, All Elite Wrestling says they have similar plans for the United Kingdom.

talkSPORT caught up with SoCal Uncensored ahead of the event and asked them about AEW’s plans for UK.

“I think when you look at who is involved and you look at somebody like a Tony Khan who has heavy ties to the UK and London specifically, I think that it is a foregone conclusion,” Kazarian said. “And one thing that we want to do is be different. And to be different, you take your product to the people. You don’t necessarily make the people come to you. You take it to where the fans are.”

“We’d love to do a Starrcast, I’d love to do a cigar event, a jam session; let’s do everything we’re doing over here in Vegas and do it in the UK. And I think it will happen.”

talksSPORT’s Alex McCarthy also went straight to Tony Khan after the event for a word who assured them there will “definitely” be a UK PPV. The venue or the date has not been set yet but the important thing we need to know is that it will happen.

It would only make sense for the company to broaden their horizons by making their presence felt on a different continent. And with Khan spending a lot of time in London with Fulham F.C., it only makes sense for the company to eventually visit the islands.


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