Hours after it was announced that Endeavor had acquired the WWE and would merge into a new company with the UFC, with Vince McMahon staying on board as the executive chairman, he was back involved in running things on WWE Monday Night RAW.

PWinsider and Dave Meltzer reported that McMahon was heavily involved in the RAW After Mania show.

PWinsider’s report noted that about 15-20 minutes before RAW went live on the air, a number of late re-writes for the episode were ordered. It was described as not feeling like it was under Triple H. Both Meltzer and PWinsider reported there were several changes made throughout the show. He also made changes when the show was already on the air as well.

The changes came from McMahon himself, who had his own office set up like he previously had before he resigned last summer over hush money allegations.

This all comes after McMahon said he would not be “in the weeds” of creative during an appearance on Monday morning on CNBC. Sources told PWinsider that “there was no doubt that Vince was firmly back in charge following the Endeavor acquisition of the company.”

PWinsider reported that Triple H was on headset running RAW to start the night, but as the night went on, McMahon got more involved. He was also said to be producing several times over WrestleMania 39 weekend.

While speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Meltzer shared what he had been told:

He’s back in charge. He was running TV tonight. He’s back. It’s what it was. It will be what it was before. If people think that was bad, it will be bad. That’s just the way it is. The tv show was changed when Vince got there and it was changing as the show was going on and that will be what it is going forward.”

Meltzer continued, “[Triple H] Paul Levesque will be head of creative and will be doing the busywork and all that stuff. Vince is going to have the final say on everything when it comes to that.”

By the looks of it, Vince McMahon will remain a consistent face backstage in WWE at the Gorilla Position. With WWE being sold to Endeavor, the company is truly heading into a new era. With that said, fans will be disappointed to know that Vince McMahon is fully back in the fold again.

The WWE RAW after WrestleMania 39 has been rated the “worst episode in the show’s 30-year history”. Angry fans shared their frustration on social media last night as “#WorstRAW” was trending on social media platform Twitter after the show. Many fans believe that last night’s lackluster show is confirmation that Vince McMahon is indeed back in control of WWE creative. What are your thoughts on Vince McMahon being back in charge of creative?

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(H/T Andrew Ravens, Wrestling Observer Newsletter)