Bill Goldberg steps into a WWE ring one more time this Friday at Super ShowDown from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. He faces The Undertaker in a dream match that virtually nobody expected to see at this stage in their careers.

Inside The Ropes has published a clip from Goldberg’s recent discussion with Kenny McIntosh, which you can watch below. Goldberg reflected on his famous face-off with The Undertaker in the 2017 Royal Rumble match.

He says it was awesome to share a ring with the dead man that night. Goldberg revealed that he’s actually known Undertaker since before Taker was in the business. He has always admired The Undertaker and has tried to follow in his footsteps, in terms of his mentality towards the business and standing up for the right thing.

Goldberg recalls feeling like a “green kid” when standing across from The Undertaker. More specifically, he wasn’t sure how his intense, fearless character should react to the intimidating Undertaker. He asked himself, “Do I disrespect him if I don’t sell his gimmick?”

Goldberg then joked that he’s really looking forward to their match at Super ShowDown, “Because he’ll let me do more than 2 moves,” which appears to be a reference to his matches against Brock Lesnar.

Watch: Goldberg Talks About His Match Against The Undertaker at Super ShowDown


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